Data for Sale Fee Schedule

Much of the information required to be kept or prepared by the Assessor is available to the public for viewing at our self-service public information computers at no cost. Property characteristics, which are developed for assessment purposes, may be purchased by the public. Bulk data, such as a full set of the Assessor’s maps, or the entire assessment roll is also available for purchase.

The Assessor’s Office is required, by State law and County Ordinance, to set fees at an amount that allows us to capture the full cost of providing these services without profiting from the sale. Please Call (510) 272-3787 with questions about purchasing Assessor’s data. Click here to view our current fee schedule.

Attention!A Message About Our Public Counters

The Assessor’s Office is open to the public and is providing appointments for in-office visits. Please visit our Contact page for more information.

Please note that our technicians remain available to provide assistance via telephone (510-272-3787) from 8:30AM-5:00PM Monday through Friday.

If you need to drop-off documents, please leave them in the box provided outside our Office and staff will retrieve them promptly to protect confidentiality.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and patience during this time.