Disaster Relief

If a sudden and major calamity such as fire or flooding damages or destroys your property, you may be eligible for property tax relief. In such cases, the Assessor’s Office will immediately reappraise the property to reflect its damaged condition. In addition, when you rebuild it in a like or similar manner, the property will retain its previous value for tax purposes.

To qualify for property tax relief, you must file a calamity claim with the Assessor’s Office within twelve (12) months from the date the property was damaged or destroyed. In addition, the loss must exceed $10,000. For more information, call (510) 272-3787 or click here for an Application for Reassessment of Damaged or Destroyed Property.

Additional information and answers to frequently asked questions about disaster relief can be obtained by going to the State Board of Equalization website at http://www.boe.ca.gov/proptaxes/disaster-relief.htm#FAQs disaster.htm.

Attention!A Message About Our Public Counters

The Assessor’s Office is open to the public and is providing appointments for in-office visits. Please visit our Contact page for more information.

Please note that our technicians remain available to provide assistance via telephone (510-272-3787) from 8:30AM-5:00PM Monday through Friday.

If you need to drop-off documents, please leave them in the box provided outside our Office and staff will retrieve them promptly to protect confidentiality.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and patience during this time.