Image of a newly-built housing development located in Dublin.

Homeowners’ Exemption

Homeowners who own and occupy a dwelling on January 1st as their principal place of residence are eligible to receive a reduction of up to $7000 off the dwelling’s full cash value.

The law provides that once you file a homeowners’ exemption and receive the exemption it is not necessary to file each year as long as you continue to occupy the residence on which the exemption is claimed.

“Dwelling” means a building, structure or other shelter (including boats) constituting a place of abode, whether real or personal property.

If you feel you qualify and are unsure whether you already have the homeowners’ exemption you may inquire by going to the Property Assessment Information section of our web site.

To download and print a Claim for Homeowners’ Property Tax Exemption, click here (PDF) or go to Forms.

If the exemption was previously granted and you no longer qualify for the exemption, the law requires that you notify the Assessor’s Office as soon as possible. To download and print a Request to Remove Homeowners’ Exemption Form, click here  (PDF) or go to Forms.

For more information about the Homeowners’ Exemption, please call (510) 272-3770.

Attention!Public Counter Closure

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and public health concerns, the Assessor's Office is temporarily closing our public counters until further notice for both your and our staff's protection. It is important that we eliminate personal contact whenever possible to fight the spread of the virus. Our technicians are still available to provide assistance via telephone from 8:30AM-5:00PM Monday through Friday.

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