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Assessor’s Records

Much of the information required to be kept or prepared by the Assessor is available to the public for viewing at our self-service public information computers. Our staff is available to provide assistance during office hours, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Public Information:

  1. Assessment Roll data (Secured and Unsecured):
    • Assessor’s Parcel Number
    • Owner’s Name
    • Property Address
    • Assessed Land, Building, Fixture, and Business Property Values
    • Homeowner’s and Other Exemption Values
    • Total Assessed Value
    • Tax Rate Area Code
    • Property Use Code
    • Assessor’s Parcel Maps
  2. A list of property transfers over the past 2 years. If the change in ownership was a sale, the indicated sales price is shown based upon the Clerk-Recorder’s transfer tax. The indicated sales price may be different than the assessed value.
  3. Property Characteristics (such as building size, bed room and bath count, etc.,) The Assessor’s Office maintains building characteristics information for assessment purposes. Building characteristics are not part of the assessment roll, and are made available to the property owner with identification free of charge. Please visit our office or call (510) 272-3787 for more information.

Owners who would like to have their property characteristics updated should print a request form by clicking here.

The general public may purchase property characteristics for a fee. This fee covers the administrative costs to develop and provide the data.

For more information about data for purchase and the fee schedule, go to Data for Sale Fee Schedule or call our office for more information.


Confidential Information:

The Assessor also keeps many records which are confidential under the law and are not open to public inspection. Examples include:

  • Property Building Records (except for property characteristics)
  • Preliminary Change in Ownership Reports
  • Change in Ownership Statements
  • Homeowners’ Exemption Claims
  • Claims for Change in Ownership and New Construction Exclusions
  • Business Property Statements
  • Construction costs and property income information requested from owners by the Assessor
  • Specific market data (“sales comparables”) collected by the Assessor

Access to Owners’ Confidential Records:

The owner of any property (with photo identification) or the owner’s representative (with a letter of authorization signed by the property owner with an original signature) may view all public and confidential information pertaining to his/her own property at no charge. You may use our authorization form to designate a representative or agent by clicking here.