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Please note that due to Proposition 19, there are new forms available for Change in Ownership Exclusions. For Change in Ownership Exclusions AFTER FEBRUARY 16, 2021, PLEASE CLICK ON ONE OF THE LINKS BELOW:

BOE-19-G: Claim for reassessment exclusion for transfer between grandparent and grandchild (After February 16 2021)

BOE-19-P: Claim for reassessment exclusion for transfer between parent and child (After February 16 2021)

For more information on Proposition 19 and the changes that have occurred to Change in Ownership, please visit our Proposition 19 page HERE.

For Change in Ownership Exclusions BEFORE FEBRUARY 16, 2021, please continue reading the page below.



Parent/Child and Grandparent/Grandchild Transfer Exclusion

Effective November 6, 1986, transfers between parents and their children (in either direction) of a principle residence and up to $1 million (taxable value) of other property may be excluded from change in ownership reassessment, providing a claim is filed and certain requirements are met. It also applies to transfers between a trust and a parent or child. It does not apply to transfers to and from partnerships, corporations, or other legal entities. To download the Claim for Reassessment Exclusion for Transfer between Parent and Child, click here (pdf) or go to Forms.

A similar exclusion was enacted for transfers of property from grandparents to grandchildren (but not vice versa) occurring on or after March 27, 1996, under certain limiting conditions. Among those limiting conditions is the requirement that both parents of the grandchild (or grandchildren) who qualify as the children of the grandparents must be deceased as of the date of transfer. To download the Claim for Reassessment Exclusion for Transfer from Grandparent to Grandchild, click here (pdf) or go to Forms.

Please call (510) 272-3800 if you need further assistance. Additional informational resources include:

  – Parent/Child and Grandparent/Grandchild Exclusion brochure

  – Frequently Asked Questions provided by the Board of Equalization

Co-tenancy Change in Ownership Exclusion

Transfers of a co-tenancy interest from one cotenant to another that occurs due to the death of one cotenant on or after January 1, 2013 may be excluded from reassessment if certain conditions are met. These conditions include: the sole two cotenants together must own 100% interest in the property; the transfer results in the surviving cotenant owning 100% of the property; the two cotenants owned and continuously resided in the property for the one year period as their principal residence preceding the date of transfer. A Preliminary Change of Ownership form or the Change in Ownership Statement must be filed and the surviving cotenant must sign an affidavit affirming residency.

To download the Affidavit of Cotenant Residency, click here or go to Forms.

The State Board of Equalization published a letter to County Assessors, Change in Ownership Exclusions-Cotenants regarding the implementation of the exclusion and may answer many of your questions.

For more information please call (510) 272-3800.