Image of a home located in Fremont.

Property Ownership Information

Ownership information is available free of charge by visiting our public records section during normal business hours. Public records are located in the County Administration Building, 1221 Oak Street, Room 145, Oakland. Directions to our office

Ownership information for a limited number of parcels may be obtained by calling (510) 272-3787. Property ownership is also available in writing for a fee. Please call (510) 272-3787 for further information.

We are often asked why ownership information is not posted on our website since property ownership is part of the assessment roll which by law is a public document. With the introduction of the Internet, government is faced with the issue of balancing public information requirements with the privacy rights of individuals. The Assessor is legally prohibited from posting the home address of any elected or appointed official, including safety officers and retired officials, on the Internet. As the cost and effort to continuously update this information is prohibitive, we do not display the names of any property owner on our website.