Image of the Board of Supervisors’ Chambers located on the fifth floor of the County Administration Building in Oakland.

Assessment Appeals

Unresolved differences between the Assessor and the taxpayer over the assessment of property are handled by the Assessment Appeals Board. They consider all evidence presented by the property owner and the Assessor’s Office at a formal hearing. The Appeals Board then determines the value of the property in question. Appeals of regular assessments must be filed between July 2 and September 15. Appeals of Supplemental or Escape Assessments must be filed within 60 days of the date of “Notice of Supplemental Assessment” or “Notice of Enrollment of Escape Assessment” or the postmark for that notice, whichever is later. All appeal applications must be filed with the Clerk of the Board, Administration Bldg. 5th Floor, 1221 Oak Street, Oakland 94612. These forms may be obtained by calling (510) 272-6352 or visiting

The California State Board of Equalization, in conjunction with all 58 California Counties, has produced a sequence of videos to assist taxpayers in preparing and presenting their Assessment Appeal. To view each of the video segments, please visit

The California State Board of Equalization also publishes a brochure titled “Residential Property Assessment Appeals”, Publication 30, that that can be viewed online or printed at

Attention!A Message to Boat Owners

Dear Alameda County Residents:

Many vessel owners will see an increase in their 2022 property tax valuations!
The valuation factors calculated by the State Board of Equalization and provided to California County Assessors through LTA 2022/003 indicate an increase in 2022 values between 20-24% depending on the type of vessel. The State Board of Equalization reviews average retail sale prices for new and used powerboats, sailboats, and personal watercraft annually to develop the valuation factors. Per their research, these vessels have experienced large appreciation in value compared to 2021.

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